Creating the golden ticket with a new Web Ticketing System

Creating the golden ticket with a new Web Ticketing System

Building a highly scalable web ticketing system capable of powering over 1000 attractions and events.


Our client is an important part of the UK’s entertainment and tourism industry. They are a leading provider of tickets for the nation’s visitor attractions. They came to us with the brief for an application to help businesses create, manage and control their own ticketing needs, alongside the use of networks that would promote and sell their tickets.

Ardent was tasked with ensuring that the project was commercially economical for the web ticketing system while remaining profitable for end user businesses. The application also had to be secure, flexible and future-proofed within an ever-changing market place and ever-evolving technologies.

Ardent worked with the client to understand both their and their customer’s needs. Working like an ‘in house’ development team, we were able to pinpoint the most valuable ways in which we could build a number of cost-saving functions into the application - saving user businesses money and consumers time. Currently, there are 1000+ companies using and benefiting from our web ticketing system’s easy-to-use concept and design features.

The business challenge

Our client wanted a cost-effective online ticketing system which offered its clients a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), a comprehensive reporting tool, a secure payment engine, vouchers, mobile validation, and the potential for additional revenue streams. 

They envisioned a white label platform which offered fully customisable options that could match the look and feel of each client’s own site. The ticketing system needed to have the capacity to be embedded on the customer’s site which would direct consumers to the sales portal, clearly displaying events and availability at the click of button.

At the time, established online ticketing systems were very complex and our client really did not want just another shopping cart instrument.  Looking to the future, they wanted the ability to handle all administration centrally and allow businesses to sell tickets 24/7 with easy setup, management tools and in-built security systems. 

The Ardent solution

We designed a future-proofed resolution that drew on our industry expertise and vast knowledge of the latest developments in technology.

Our responsive solution works across all leading internet browsers and commonly used devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It is hosted on a Cloud MS SQL Server, Microsoft Azure and has been developed using a .Net Framework with ASP.Net, Telerik for improved usability and Java Script. The Mobile Ticketing Validation solution runs on the easily accessible Windows Mobile platform and makes use of barcode scanning technology.

Ardent’s web ticketing system offers the consumer a simple online payment solution as well as a point of sale system. This means that businesses can sell quickly and easily from within their own premises. The system is underpinned by the administrative site and RM. Once a web ticketing system administrator has created an account, the user company can start to build and customise their own bespoke portal. 

  • Dates, or a series of dates, can be entered into the calendar. 
  • Different levels of tickets and rates can be assigned. 
  • Standard or premium ticketing options are available.
  • Individual, group and family ticket functionality is included. 
  • Online transaction cost setup is included, with re-sale and agency accounting. 
  • Self-managed promotional codes can be created for marketing purposes. 
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and analysis comes as standard. 
  • The system is 100% secure and fully integrated with SagePay.

In addition, user businesses are no longer tied to a desk or computer system to manage their tickets. With the Mobile Validations solution, they can use an App to authenticate tickets at the gate with simple barcode scanning technology. Online ticket data access is available when there is mobile signal, or if not, there is a synchronised ticket data service which covers all situations.

Clever technology that saves businesses money

Ardent built a number of cost-saving functions into the web ticketing system, which saves user businesses money and consumer time: 

  • Full print-at-home functionality – no more postal or related administration costs.
  • Barcode scanning technology − quicker ticket checks keeping queue times to a minimum.
  • No internet merchant account is needed, meaning more funds can be reallocated back into the product, improving functionality and the consumer user interface.

The web ticketing system also effectively exploits its own network to create more revenue. It promotes the clients’ events and attractions through affiliated partners’ sites and box offices, generating commissions as well as boosting sales. 

The result

We delivered a user friendly and highly scalable ticketing system which powers some of the country's largest attractions and events. The system has an integrated customer services function, Customer Relationship Management, secure payment gateway and integrated point of sales system. With advanced analytics, the system also empowers the client to understand, develop and engage their audiences in a more insightful and powerful way than before.

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