Streamlining Customer Data

Streamlining Customer Data

Genius Digital required a new, clean way of ensuring that their client data was streamlined into one central repository, thus creating customer profiles which included full details of their account behaviours and activites.


Genius’s client is a major driver in Asia’s Media industry being the leader in Satellite and Pay TV with a platform that encourages customers to watch, listen, read and shop. With business activity in e-commerce, entertainment, applications and digital publishing, the client works across different time zones and across international borders. 

Genius provides return path data technology and services to operators all over the world. Clients use their services to improve processes, get new customers, sell online advertising, and much more. Genius approached Ardent to create a solution for their client – a well-known Asian media company. With a customer base of 50 million across Asia and a diverse product and service range on offer, we were tasked with pulling the media giant’s data into a Data Warehouse, making it manageable and transforming many layers of customer insight into a Single Customer View. This simplified customer data would then be integrated with Genius’s products which would result in a seamless end to end data solution.  

The Business Challenge

Genius’s solution uses production data for analysis and reporting, but this was a tricky job as the customer's data sets came from different locations, in mixed formats and from across different time zones. The data was dirty – it was not standardised in any way and was full of duplicate or invalid records which did not provide accurate details for meaningful business intelligence decisions.

The Ardent Solution

The Ardent Data Engineering Team provided a solution that would create a streamlined and automated system of processing data. 

  • Data Management – Using a well tested Data framework we consolidated the data, collating it from the various data sources. We then integrated it into one single hub and replicated the same data for Genius to use.
  • Data Processing – We created a system that processed the data, cleansing it using Hadoop’s Machine Learning processing tool. Data was streamlined into a single dataset and a final file was generated. 
  • Data Cleansing – We removed any typographical or validating errors and updated the data with corrected values from the Train Model below.
  • Data Deduplication  - We developed a three-stage deduplication process where the source data has the duplicate datasets removed.

Ardent then developed data virtualization to provide a single virtual view of the collected master data.

Data Testing

Once the data is uploaded, it is important to check the data is appropriate and that there are no errors. The Ardent Quality Team has developed automated Data Testing scripts that check the different test cases written by them and provide a quality test report on completion. 

Admin Reporting and Dashboard

The Ardent team provided real-time integration to the reporting database via Tableau BI Reporting component. All alerts and notifications can be viewed on the dashboard in real time and through emails. 


The Single Customer View Solution provided by Ardent was totally dynamic and allowed the end client to hold all customer records in a single location that contained all data particular to that customer. By implementing a structured and optimally managed clean data process across data sets and refining customer data into statistical data sets, the end client was able to identify new sales opportunities and keep prospects’ records up-to-date and accurate. 

The Ardent solution also provided clean, de-duplicated and enhanced databases of customers, products and transactions with real-time reporting across all business units.

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