Making an entirely new cloud concept a reality

Making an entirely new cloud concept a reality

We developed a Sport Club Management System for a start-up which now powers over 10,000 amateur sports and semi-professional clubs.


Our customer is a start-up technology business with a focus on making it easy to manage sports clubs.

The business challenge

The challenge was to create a cloud-based club management tool that could be used for both sports club administration and member communication. The affordable product would help club Captains spend less time and energy on simple club management procedures, improve club awareness and boost club revenues.

The system needed to provide a bespoke sports club website solution that was easy to set up and use, and would be offered as a subscription service. Optional additional functionality would be built into this cost-effective ‘pay as you go’ facility to provide customers with their choice of set-up. 

To develop this product, Sports Club Management System needed a highly skilled and reliable technology partner who could realise their ideas in the form of a product that was both popular and profitable.  

The customer team looked around at a number of different technology partners to help them with their quest. They found that although there were many promising companies out there, Ardent offered more when it came to attention to detail, demonstrated a greater understanding of requirements and more flexibility. Ardent also understood their business challenges so could add more value. The system also had to be easy to use and supported the sports club's admin staff, it therefore needed to be created by developers who knew a lot about user experience whilst being able to code for the Cloud. 

The Ardent solution

Ardent started out by undertaking a series of discovery events with our client to determine their exact requirements. Then we presented them with a very simple concept which not only ticked all their boxes but delivered much more.

Our design suited a mass audience of both amateur and semi-professional clubs. This made it reliant upon being intuitive and highly scalable. Club administrators could create a club website and administer it without any need for prior training, and the back end was simple to manage and fully customisable to cater for any sport and any club. 

The Ardent approach resulted in a reduction in costs for the end users, whilst giving each sports club full control over the content of their site. Each club could add their own individual club information, logos, and branding − just as if it was their own site, but without any high costs. Combined with their own web address, each club gained a real sense of ownership. 

Ardent made the Sports Club Management System vision a reality using open source technology, which supports the building, and running of software applications and the implementation delivered a plethora of extra options.

The final product was polished and professional with a series of value added and relevant features built into it, including:

  • Flexibility. The solution caters for any type of club (although Sports Club Management System only market to sports clubs)
  • Standard pages. A main web shell with default pages such as Club History, Contact Us, About Us, Homepage, Results & Fixtures, Tables, News Features, and Photo Galleries that can be manually updated or linked to external sites
  • Customisable pages. Each page can be personalized for each individual account. 
  • Unlimited pages. Extra pages can be added for club events, or other information
  • Fully functioning communication system. Alerts and communications can be issued to members from within the site’s Content Management System. It was this feature that appealed so much to clients.
  • News system. Rolling headlines on the homepage, drawing the eye straight to them
  • Social media connectivity. The option to connect and push updates through to social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Sales and revenue boosting.  A club shop with club merchandise promotion and sales. 
  • Club administration. Member registration and subs or fee collections
  • Widgets. Optional widget insertion - such as weather or events diaries into pages. In addition, optional addition of Twitter or Facebook feeds into page content.
  • Advertising and other extras. Providing clubs a way to boost revenue streams. 
The result

Over 10,000 clubs and nearly 200,000 members benefit from Sports Club Management System’ vision.

Today, over 10,000 clubs and nearly 200,000 members benefit from Sports Club Management System’ streamlined service and improved communication channels. It helps clubs attract new members and propels them forward via a solution, which reduces overheads for all parties.

Ardent created the design features and functionality needed to pull the Sports Club Management System’ concept together. Ambitions were realized, outgoings reduced and profitability increased through cost-effective solutions. We’re proud of the success of this project, but it’s only one technology project out of many. 

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