Three becomes one in seamless evolution of existing systems

Three becomes one in seamless evolution of existing systems

Helping an energy services provider increase efficiency through an integrated solution saved costs and released much needed investment capital.


PDS Protek is a key supplier within the oil, gas and land-based industries, delivering excellence in multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy services. PDS Protek came to Ardent with a problem – through building their applications over a number of years, they had created a disjointed system, where their clients had to access three different applications simply to find the services they needed. 

They tasked Ardent with resolving this issue, with a brief to streamline their HR CRM, recruitment and project management processes. PDS Protek also wanted to uplift their systems by adding enhanced functionality, such as Microsoft Outlook Email software, timesheet and invoice tracking and an inbuilt content management system (CMS). 

The business problem

PDS Protek works with both consultants and clients to fill vacant positions using ‘Job Shop’, their own in-house developed online system.

Their existing software worked by allowing candidates - consultants seeking employment - to upload their CV and register on both the existing Visma website and ‘Job Shop’. PDS Protek’s clients - companies or sub-contractors looking for candidates - could then source an appropriate consultant, who fitted the desired discipline and field of expertise, via the PTP Tool. The candidate selected would then become a consultant on behalf of PDS Protek.

This system had aged badly and lacked the advanced functionality that users were looking for. It was also an incredibly complex process, with users having to access three different applications to locate, source and manage candidates. PDS Protek came to realise that their management software needed to be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook Email software for improved communication. They also wanted to manage content on their site themselves.

The Ardent solution

At Ardent, we could see that simpler access for all parties lay at the heart of resolving PDS Protek’s issue. Our solution was to create a useable application where everyone could quickly access the features and functionality that they needed. The application that we designed meant that the recruitment and project management processes could run seamlessly, with easy access for the candidate, the client, and the PDS-CRM administrator.  We were also able to resolve their need for extra functionality by facilitating timesheet tracking, invoicing and billing requirements, the integration of the Microsoft Outlook Email software, and an inbuilt CMS.   

We designed the in-application Project Management Software to manage all user requirements − from sourcing of suitable candidates, to defining the business need, sector requirements, disciplines, categories, agreed rates and hours. Once the candidate or the client has registered, they can access all features and functionalities required to support the resource, recruitment and project processes.

Our integrated solution makes things easier for our client because …

The client can still post job adverts via the ‘Job Shop’, but the enhanced search capabilities we’ve added means that candidates can more quickly find any available vacancy that suits their field of expertise. 

We’ve ensured that uploading a CV and registering for a specific job is very simple for the candidate. Once evaluated by the PDS-CRM Administrator, the candidate is presented to the client via the PTP tool. Now available to the client from within PDS-CRM, it allows a shortlist of candidates to be presented and evaluated. 

Clients can call individuals for interview without leaving the PDS-CRM and both parties can track the status of the application. If successful, the candidate is attached to a project which has been created for the duration of the contract. Once the project is up and running, the PDS-CRM software tracks all timesheets, manages billing and invoicing, and facilitates easy communication between parties via Outlook email. 

Ardent’s inbuilt CMS solution allows the administrator to update news articles, upload blog entries, control content and swap out images with a click of a button.

Ardent exceeds customer expectations

As the build neared the final stages, the arrival of new stakeholders forced changes which were set to have huge implications for the delivery date. However, we worked closely with PDS Protek’s team and were able to bring the new stakeholders up to speed with the features, functions and processes. They were able to clearly understand the project status and issued a request for changes that were outside the scope of the original brief. We were able to accommodate their last minute requests, working diligently to manage alterations without impacting delivery, and completed the project within the original timeframe.

The result

Ardent delivered exactly what our client needed, on time and on budget. We created a seamless solution - with all added functionality required - despite an expansion of the brief very close to the deadline. At Ardent, we focus on what our client wants and needs. Then, we pull out all the stops to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

As a result, PDS Protek have been able make huge savings on software and manpower costs and have invested in other key areas of their business.

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