Getting a good grip on the client’s world

Getting a good grip on the client’s world

GolfTrackPro Ltd knew it had the potential to make every golfer’s dream come true – to deliver an app that’s incredibly accurate and highly personalised to highlight the specific areas of their game that needed work.


GolfTrackPro was the brain child of a golf-mad enthusiast. Starting off as a website offering instructional videos and golf course reviews it soon turned into something much more. 

The aim of GolfTrackPro was to build a program that accurately targets shaky areas of a golfer’s game. This could not only helps them to understand where they can improve, but it could also builds confidence as GolfTrackPro shows trackable improvements in their development. The application aims to give the user all the information necessary to take their game to new levels.

The business challenge

Ardent knew that developing a sufficiently sophisticated golf-based software application required a deeper understanding of the sport and the mindset of players.

With Ardent’s core development team based in Mumbai, India - a country where less than 0.01% of the population play golf - all concepts and scoring methods needed to be understood and embedded within the team to ensure an exceptional comprehension of the game that could be translated into the project build at every level. 

This is a common challenge when developing any specialist application, but working with golf took us to the next dimension. Every specialist software application that we build is targeted at a particular demographic and so we aimed to penetrate the end user’s world right from the start.

The Ardent solution

Our exhaustive research into the world of the golfing end user shows in the quality of the result. The backend support scoring calculations are able to take the par of the hole, the par of the course, the gross and net scores, the stoke indexes for each hole and different handicap allowances depending on the format of the game, e.g. individual rounds or group competitions, into account. 

Although golfers may be at different standards, they all have two objectives in common – the desire for a perfect round and the need to improve. Our C# language, JavaScript and Jquery prowess has shaped an extremely powerful tool which will help any level of golfer, from a low handicap pro golfer to the more highly handicapped novice. 

An application with unparalleled accuracy and scope

The current free trial version allows users to re-create their local course, adding the course numbers and data, from the hole par to the associated stoke indexes and yardages. There’s no limit to the number of golf courses that can be created. Once the course is set up, the keen-to-improve golfer can begin to track the vital components of their game and find their strengths and weaknesses. 

The user inputs the figures from their round to track:

  • scores per hole – giving an awareness of which holes favour their strengths and where they would potentially need to rethink their strategy
  • driving accuracy – has the fairway been hit or missed?
  • blocked approaches – are they setting themselves up for a clear approach to the green?
  • greens in regulation (GIR) – has the golfer hit the green in the expected number of shots?
  • sand saves – where a golfer has managed to get the ball from the greenside bunker and into the hole within two shots or less
  • number of putts per round.

Once the golfer starts to use the tracker on a regular basis, the stats of their games create a picture of where they need to concentrate their efforts in order to improve. 

GolfTrackPro makes it very easy to understand statistics with fantastic visual aids and graphics, clearly demonstrating their areas of strength and the areas they need to develop to achieve a flawless game.

The result

The result is a first-of-its-kind application for professional and advanced golfers that helps them to track the minutest details of their own game and improve upon it. It has proved immensely popular with golfers at every level. 

GolfTrackPro is also going social, with a new feature to create groups and generate competitions within those groups. This gives the subscriber the ability to create competitions between their social group, track and publish competition results, communicate with the group members, plan future events and keep groups informed with related news.

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