Fine art eCommerce system

Fine art eCommerce system

ONGallery approached Ardent with the urgent need for the development of a gallery portal that was responsive to sales and new pieces of art. The gallery portal is critical to the business as it is the digital showroom for all their pieces, yet it could not simply be a case of style over substance.


ONGallery is an online art business offering photographic and fine art prints that make it easier for more people to access and purchase quality, limited edition art at affordable prices. Customers are able to view and choose pieces online without having to visit a physical gallery and so can browse and buy at a time that suits them. As the art is concerned with limited and one-off editions, it is important that pieces can be easily removed from the gallery once they are purchased. ONGallery buy art from artists all over the world and so the function to add new pieces to the collection is as important as removing sold items. 

The Business Challenge

While ONGallery wanted Ardent to develop a gallery portal to make browsing, selecting and purchasing art an enjoyable experience, the company also wanted the portal to have a sophisticated level of functionality that far extended the gallery concept. 

ONGallery had a list of features that they wanted to be included such as a robust Content Management System that would enable them to have total control of their inventory. They also wanted to integrate a Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway so that customers would experience seamless purchasing. In addition, ONGallery requested the functionality to create and manage sub-sites via the main portal for different themes and events. This would allow them to highlight different collections throughout the year or to organise online viewings and launches - just as with a traditional bricks and mortar gallery. 

The Ardent Solution 

ONGallery was a dynamic start up, with amazing plans for the future but with the need to get up and running quickly. In order to reduce costs for the business, we developed ONGallery’s portal application using PHP. The ability for the user to create many sub sites via the main site was critical as it allowed the business to respond quickly to sales spikes and create flash offers. The CMS also enabled ONGallery staff to manage the app’s contents and the art products within their inventory. In addition we integrated a payment gateway that guarantees smooth financial transactions and a seamless purchasing experience for the customer.  Finally we ensured that the reports generated by the app were meaningful and could be used for future business decisions or sales reports. 


The client was delighted with their outcome. Ardent’s approach to their requirement, coupled with the technology that we used, helped ONGallery to raise the next round of funding and secure the prestigious partners needed to promote ONGallery to the partners’ own customer base.

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