Supporting growth in a time of change

Supporting growth in a time of change

An airport car park operator was growing at such a rate that the company had to relocate, yet its existing booking system was at full capacity and outdated. Ardent generated a solution that would allow continued growth without complicating an already busy relocation project. 

The background

The client offers secure, low-cost airport parking at one of the busiest airports in the South of England. The business had recently gone through a period of rapid growth and they were in the process of moving to larger premises. 

The system the client was using wasn’t able to cope with the boom in business and they needed an updated online car park booking and management system. The new system needed much greater capacity and the ability to introduce new dynamic features and pricing structures. 

The business challenge 

The new system would have to cope with added car parking spaces and needed to be managed and maintained through a simple user interface. Our client wanted customers to be able to access up-to-date availability and pricing information at the touch of a button. In addition, they sought to create a dynamic web pricing model which would give them the option of total control or a more fragmented approach to pricing: hour-by-hour/booking-by-booking. They also needed a secure online payment gateway integrated into the booking system. 

The Ardent solution

Ardent set out to ensure the company’s relocation and upgrade process was as smooth as possible. We created a phased roll-out strategy that would allow them to proceed with their expansion plans and provided working modules which could be implemented at keys points throughout the development cycle. The staged process meant that the new system was introduced in manageable phases instead of one big release.

Ardent took advantage of the latest technology and development tools available to build the application and included an asp.NET MVC framework for a user-friendly model-view-controlled feature for the online booking system.  

The major challenge lay with the existing in-house application which had been built using Visual Basic. This made it more complex to interface the existing system with the web without losing any critical functionality. Ardent resolved this issue by giving the company the ability to control the business’s own inventory through a backend solution. 

In line with the brief, the completed application allowed car park spaces to be added, managed and maintained, and gave customers the up-to-date availability and pricing required. In addition, the new online booking system allowed the client to create pricing packages with different rates and assign these packages to specific spaces via a dynamic pricing model. To complete the application, Ardent integrated the systems with secure online payment, provided by SagePay. 

The result

Ardent’s phased delivery strategy meant that our client relocated without disruption to their service. We also facilitated the smooth implementation of their expansion plans over a critical period for the company. We ensured that our product was future-proofed and scalable, making sure it will serve for many years to come. 

Since the new system went ‘live’, the company has experienced a 30% upturn in customers and a 40% decrease in cost per customer acquisition. 

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