Award-winning software out of a crisis

Award-winning software out of a crisis

After being let down by another developer, Ardent stepped into the breach and delivered a multi award-winning, future-proofed, scalable solution that has supported huge growth for Advance Change. 


Advance Change, an organizational development and training consultancy, was facing a huge problem. Actus, its specialist performance management system for organizations, was in development but the company Advance Change was working with simply were not delivering.

Advance Change needed somebody to work on the unfinished software and so they came to Ardent.

The business challenge

Advance Change was originally looking for an Excel-based piece of software to accommodate its simple, easy-to-use performance appraisal system.

At Ardent, we knew that there was no point delivering software that would rapidly become obsolete. As it stood, the software could not adapt to future technology changes or network enhancements, or scale up to cope with increased demand in the future. It would restrict Advance Change’s capacity to grow its user base and profitability. 

However, this is a familiar challenge for Ardent – we always have to take into account the fact technology platforms and tools continue to evolve. 

The Ardent solution

First, we knew that to really nail the software, we had to understand Advance Change and its business requirements and goals. We don’t just provide technical solutions, we make sure they fit well with a business’s strategic objectives. This is how we build forward-thinking products that truly meet our clients’ needs.

Then, we went back to the beginning. We wanted to take Actus to new levels, to improve its system processes and develop innovative functionalities. We wanted to deliver a really excellent performance appraisal software solution.

In line with Advance Changes' business needs, we suggested a system:

  • hosted on the cloud – offering infinite scalability
  • based on SQL Server for the database
  • built using .Net Framework 4.0
  • using the latest development tools in order to minimize future technology shocks

The system would be able to accommodate any increase in workload, as well as infinite growth in user uptake. 

The result

Advance Change was looking for a simple piece of technology and Ardent delivered a multi award-winning performance management system. 

Actus is a subscription service that supports customers with an organizational, benchmarking, skills and development tool. It is a tool that increases productivity and compliance for both managers and employees in organizations. 

The system allows organizations to track appraisals, one-to-ones, development and talent management. It presents employee data in a simple and clear way, and enables HR personnel and managers to identify development needs. Ultimately, it provides real performance insights that help organizations to improve.

For Advance Change, the benefits have been enormous, they now have a system able to cope with significant global business growth across multiple sectors.


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