Forbes contributor Mary Juetten shares her views

Why are lawyers somewhat resistant to change, particularly technology? A recent article, “Four Areas of Legal Ripe for Disruption by Smart Start-ups” by Bob Goodman and Josh Harder of Bessemer Ventures, identified the most promising types of legal tech companies. There are indeed hundreds of legal start-ups popping up all over Europe. However, adoption of technology in the legal field is still slow.

Why do lawyers struggle with adoption of technology? A simplistic answer is that nobody wants to be replaced by technology and most people do not like change. However, it’s fair to say that like everyone else, lawyers want automation to be easy that’s no different than other busy professionals. Consumers will not mind creating an account on a platform to solve a particular problem, but lawyers are challenged to log in to multiple systems.

A panel at Evolve Law discussed the need for integration between systems. With the hundreds of legal tech start-ups in the fields identified by Bessemer and the majority of these companies using cloud technology, it seems that the technology created for lawyers has created a disjointed lawyer’s user experience – not conducive to adoption.

Legal tech or tech in legal – My opinion is that we should be providing technology for the legal field and supporting the existing processes with our platforms. Lawyers are not yet ready to replace processes or practices outside of e-discovery and practice management systems.

ardent understand the complexity of cross-communication, record keeping and security needed within all professional services and also the need for seamless systems integration. Any system developments need to deliver simpler, faster, and more accurate solutions otherwise those that are working with time clocks will not move away from their tried and trusted pads and pens!

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