Start-ups are making our cities smarter.

The cost of sensors has more than halved in the 10 years to 2014, falling to less than 50p a unit. Declining sensor cost is driving the proliferation of internet-connected devices (IoT). Those sensors are allowing us to gather previously inaccessible data. One great result is the creation of more companies with the potential to make our cities smarter and more efficient.

Here are just 5 examples:

  • Parking – Start-ups are improving efficiency across booking (ParkWhiz), parking analytics (Parkifi), and smart metering (MeterFeeder).
  • Grid/Energy – Using analytics, algorithms, and connectivity to keep supply and demand for electricity in balance.
  • Data-Driven Urban Planning – Access to new, hyperlocal data about our cities helps planners better understand neighbourhood needs.
  • Smarter Transport – Startups are making our existing transport smart (Zubie,Vinli), creating new smart vehicles (Ather Energy), new public transit options powered by data (Bridj, Shuttl), or smart bike-sharing programs (Zagster).
  • Environmental Sensors – Hardware to better understand our urban environment, from weather data, to pollution, to ambient sound.

As reported in a recent newsletter, ardent is in the midst of a large software development project which is providing up-to-the-minute information regarding signage for an international company. No doubt we have all experienced a moment when the information we need is not available due to errors in the system – ardent will be doing its very best to make that a thing of the past in the cities and towns across the globe.

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This information is taken from an article by Emily Veach – Business Development at CB Insights