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Product Development

Software product development is what we do. With an extensive team of experienced product engineers, Ardent works with startups, independent software vendors and hardware vendors to meet their software development needs.

For startups:
Ardent’s software product developers work with startups like yours to help get your software up and running. We can offer our services to help: 
  • roll out software upgrades and new features
  • prepare and deploy software in a B2B environment
  • provide software development skills that fill an ad hoc gap
  • provide a full time extended software development team

We understand that startups prize peace of mind, scalability and economy, so with our software product development, you only pay for what you use.

For independent software vendors:
Disruptive startups are changing the face of the software development landscape. If you’re an established independent software vendor finding it a challenge to stay competitive, Ardent’s software product development team can help.

Ardent works with independent software vendors and can help with:
  • establish reliable support of end-of-line product suites
  • upgrade existing technology
  • offer reliable system integration partnerships
  • provide front-end development support
For hardware vendors:
Are you a hardware vendor looking to compete with the new trends whilst servicing existing clients?

Ardent provides strategic guidance to hardware vendors and their teams, helping them to stay on top by re-inventing themselves as disruptive Cloud and New-Age Software vendors. We can offer services to help in:

  • helping you create a technology roadmap
  • provide consulting, skills and resource to build enterprise software solutions.
  • extend your existing software capabilites

Here are some of the software product development services we can offer;

Software product engineering, deployment and testing
Ardent can help you to develop software for any business purpose. Whether you want to drive intelligent decision making, create digital signage, develop point of sale technology or build content platforms, our software product development team are here to assist you. We place reliability and high quality at the centre of our product engineering, deployment and testing services. We have practice areas focussed on specific technology areas to help clients benefits from our knowledge and experience.
Minimal viable product build and proof of concept
If you have a great idea, we know how to make it happen for you. We can provide product research and development to identify how your idea will work in reality. We’ll help you find investors and gain stakeholder approval by building a minimum viable product or providing an initial research based development approach for your ideas. We’ll make it possible for you bootstrap your innovative idea and bring it to the market.
On-demand software product maintenance and support
We believe our clients deserve software that really works, and that its users require friendly and efficient support. That’s why Ardent’s On-Demand Product Support service ensures that we look after our Product Engineering clients with or without an agreed SLA, by adopting a structured approach to software product support, bug fixing and enhancements. Ardent Support teams provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your customers will be looked after in a timely, efficient and professional way.
Extended support from our software product development team
Need an extra pair of hands? Ardent has successfully helped many technology companies and start-ups to augment their in-house core development and support team with fast, flexible and highly skilled extended product teams. Personality and values matter, so we take care to match you up with like-minded developers who have the skills you need but also, importantly, share your vision. We want you to see our software product development people as a natural extension of your in-house team and as reliable partners who can help you scale and grow your company.

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Ardent can help you with your software product development needs. For more information on our software product development services, please call us on +44 (0) 1582 870 180 or contact us by email at uk@ardentisys.com.