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Mobile Apps

The Mobile has revolutionized modern business practices – but it also presents new challenges. That’s where Ardent can help. We work collaboratively with clients to design and implement an optimum Mobile enterprise to suit their business needs. As part of our Mobile management services, we’ll take care of important issues like data protection, deal with redundant existing infrastructure and use our expert knowledge to ensure a seamless Cloud experience.

Our Mobile Engineers will help your business develop onto the Cloud using a combination of ready-to-use in-house tools, best of breed technology and industry best practices. We offer Cloud management services and monitoring on both the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure cloud management platforms.

Here are some of the cloud management services we can offer;

AWS cloud management
For clients using AWS, we offer a complete package of provisioning, management and Cloud monitoring solutions. We’ll help you to ensure that your Cloud assets are designed for optimal performance and monitored 24*7 using Amazon CloudWatch, as well as a range of other tried and tested Cloud resources and applications.
Azure cloud management
For Microsoft Azure customers, Ardent’s cloud management services cover everything from provisioning, to cloud management and monitoring. So, whatever the time of day or night, you can be confident your cloud-based assets are monitored at all times and are constantly optimised for efficient performance.
Cloud log management and support
With our tried and tested Cloud log management and support service we ensure that your systems have high availability and uptime. Cloud log management is an essential administrative process that involves monitoring the activity within your Cloud platform using logs and log analysis to keep eye on the pulse of your Cloud systems. 
Join the superstars of the cloud age
In today’s highly connected world, the Cloud is king – and its future growth will be immense. If you haven’t yet made the switch, consider that scalability and availability have improved vastly since the Cloud first appeared on the scene, whilst the cost of acquisition of software and infrastructure has significantly reduced. It is no longer a question of whether you will drive business growth through the Cloud but when and how? Uber, Salesforce, Amazon, Dropbox are the familiar stars of the Cloud age - and your business should be up there, too!
Move your business to the cloud today
It’s always a challenge to make a change. Having worked with many large clients to move over to a Cloud-based platform, we understand your business concerns, which may include managing existing redundant infrastructure, inadequate knowledge of the Cloud and the general risks associated with change. That’s why our comprehensive Cloud management services are designed to take care of it all.

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Still unsure about making the big switch to cloud-based management? See how we transformed one start-up client into a company of the future by designing a Sports Club Management System which streamlines their operation and attracts new customers. 

For more information on our Cloud management services please call us on +44 (0) 1582 870 180 or contact us by email at uk@ardentisys.com.