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Why Us

If you’ve got this far into our website you probably already know we are the right partner for your business, but just to prove that you should always follow your natural instincts, please read on. Let us explain why you are on the brink of making a decision that will change your future, but beware … once you’ve taken those first business development steps, we won’t stand still, we aim to become the driving force behind your business growth.

Our aim is to be a trusted partner in the development of your business, we provide specialist knowledge, years of experience and above all we deliver measurable results. Our extensive experience combines the use of the latest technology with best-fit solutions to drive your business forward.

Tried and Tested

Ardent has developed a range of software services designed for optimising business automation, management and expansion.

Ardent’s tried and tested software services are driving growth for our clients across the world. Flexibility, cost efficiency and a focus on delivering required results are the essence of the Ardent services engagement model.

Ardent help clients; build a future proof technology roadmap, manage implementation and train users and Ardent offers continuous development support.

Strategic and Long term

Clients come to Ardent looking for a technology solution to a business problem and find a team offering innovative, strategic thinking and future proof solutions.

Ardent helps clients solve immediate problems with adaptable technology and software services that set the foundations for adding real value to the business.

Ardent has a track record of long term client engagement driving loyalty and advocacy, thus maximizing the client’s potential at all growth stages.

Knowledge and Experience

Ardent’s Head Office is in the UK and our extensive software development centre for technology excellence is in India.

Ardent works with both national and global clients from various sectors supplying services that satisfy the unique needs of each client.

Ardent On Demand Services and 24/7 Support delivers peace of mind, scalability and cost savings for growing business.