The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.

- Pablo Casals

Our Approach

We can use the same adjectives as everyone else to describe what we do and how we do it but we genuinely approach things differently. We don’t just do off the shelf because we don’t believe that one size or one brand fits all. We will listen, question and challenge your thinking to make sure of the real barriers to growth within your business, then propose the most appropriate solutions. We do have a few adjectives alongside a few verbs we think you should read …

| ahr-dnt | Intensely devoted, eager, enthusiastic

Add to that expertise, knowledge and experience, and you have an Ardent software developer and a picture of the excellent quality of Ardent’s customer service. At Ardent we are wired to enthuse and excite, we have unbound passion for making IT easy whilst delivering measurable success and we are passionate about new technology.

Ardent 2.O is our in-house Framework designed to deliver robust, consistent, reliable and tailored technology solutions to your changing business needs.


Does your business need a ‘mix’ of technologies or just ‘one’? Do you already have the right technology and tools in-house? Ardent will work with you to discover what you have, what you need and deliver a gap analysis that will provide a clear understanding of the pain points of your business. We use our extensive experience of working across businesses of all sizes and sectors to build a roadmap that empowers your people to drive the business forward.

We will develop an interactive prototype that you can review and understand as a team before we embark on the build and deployment of the complete solution. This approach ensures that we accurately understand your needs and deliver a perfect ‘fit for purpose’ solutions that is within your budget.


At Ardent we build long term, trusted and reliable partnerships with our clients, which often become ongoing relationships lasting many successful years. True partnerships are mutually supportive and respectful of each other’s strengths which, when combined, will help businesses forge ahead of their competitors.

Ardent will build a business solution that is sleek, simple and user friendly that is easy to deploy and maintain. We are committed to the success of your business. We use an Agile methodology to deliver quality assured software that is deployed at the click of a button. We can even rescue software build projects that others have left in chaos (as we recently did for a very well-known brand!).


At Ardent, ‘going live’ with a new software release or the deployment of a new solution isn’t the end of the story. In many ways it’s the beginning …… we are, in its true sense, a partner and from the very start of a project we will always be there. Whenever you need support, even if you’re not on our Support SLA’s, we will do everything to help you get over any problems that arise. For our SLA support clients we provide an uninterrupted 24*7 support all year round.

Ardent creates future-proof solutions by building a future-technology roadmap for your business, in this way technology will empower your business to achieve your vision as you continue to develop.


Innovation is in our DNA. It’s woven in the grain of our business culture. We help our people embrace and understand risk, we encourage them to pitch new ideas and we always celebrate forward thinking.
Instead of dreaming of ‘The Next Big Thing’, at Ardent, people are encouraged to innovate at every stage of the process however small or insignificant. We believe in making lots of small progressive steps rather than hoping for a big bang. We continuously look for improvements to the current products, processes and services we deliver to our clients. At Ardent we integrate our thinking and collaborate to provide the platform on which to build your dream business and we won’t stop until you have exactly what you want.