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❝...we work with Ardent as a cohesive unit. They understand our project goals, and work hard towards our shared measure of success. Their ability to scale software resource in terms of numbers and expertise helps us successfully manage new opportunities.❞
- Nick Church, Director of Engineering

Our Clients

Where is the software talent?

With a very limited local talent pool, some businesses have been recruiting and sponsoring talented engineers from abroad.

With Brexit in sight and the focus seemingly on migration, and therefore pointing towards a period of uncertainly and change that is imminent, we must assume the current avenues will prove challenging.
Ardent improving software talent pool for clients

Cut Redshift processing time..

Our engineers helped cut the AWS Redshift SQS data processing time for our client who are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics business in the United States.

The data set size of approximately 20 Terabytes processed using python threading reduced overall time from 24 hours to just under 8 hours.  
More on cutting SQS data processing time

About Ardentisys

Our custom software applications, cross platform mobile apps or even data migration solutions have supercharged our client business.

Ardent apply specialist engineering skills to each problem finding the most efficient software solution to business problems streamlining process, generating higher levels of production and saving our clients time while reducing costs.
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